You don’t have to be perfect
Bouygues Telecom

Addressing human behaviors and defaults with compassion isn’t an easy task. We may be upset by others as much as we may upset them, and it’s often worse with the closest persons as we are unable to clearly communicate with them. So with Christmas, family meetings aren’t always an ideal, happy moment.

Bouygues Telecom, a French mobile operator depicts with humour and tenderness a christmas family gathering. From a van, a woman calls her sister at home to say they’re heading to her house, but in a very theatrical way, this one forgets to hang up her padlet.Everyone in the van is now waiting to hear what she’s going to say about them…
And she makes a comment on every passenger…
But even if she criticizes, it’s never mean.

And everyone of us may recognize someone in this funny gallery of portraits.
The father listening to an old fashioned song, the mother making assumptions on everyone, the aunt with the same haircut since the 80’s giving each year the same type of gift,…
It also speaks about telling the truth.
Why is it so easy to speak when you think nobody can hear you?
But it doesn’t serve anyone.
I love this ad because it shows an average family (read: not the ideal family). But despite that nobody is perfect, they are still happy to meet and celebrate.
The message is given with kindness, you don’t have to be perfect, just be you, be human. And enjoy the moment.

I love this message about heart not perfection, because too often I think that our aim for perfection prevents us from being true to ourselves and others. And after a very challenging year, such a comforting message is good to hear!

I also appreciated the creativity and reactivity of the agency. Because, in the first spot, it was said that the cousin always brings not so fresh oysters and when confronted with hot reactions from oyster producers, they change to “he eats all the oysters that he brings”. And they apologized for their mistake with the oysters which shows they are also very human…

The final message could be “you don’t have to be perfect, as long as you’re enjoying your life…”

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